The Complete Once More With Feeling Revision Series


Below are all the interviews in the Summer 2018 Once More With Feeling Revision Series. Here, I talk to some of my favorite authors about their revision processes and how they feel about this part of the craft. Scroll down to get access to a downloadable Revision Checklist to use during your own revising.


I’m teaching my annual course on revision online beginning this September 9, 2019. If you’re interested, click below to join our merry band!


New Revision Intensive


Amy Ewing: NYT Bestselling Author Talks Revision Process


Ingrid Sundberg: The Queen of Craft Talks Revision


Lisa Papademetriou: Writer / Editor on Why Writing A Terrible Manuscript Is The Ace Up Your Writing Sleeve


Jessica Rinker: Smash Revision Like This Writer Smashes The Patriarchy



small revise


Miriam McNamara: Revising With Pride: A Debut Author On Revision Feels


Camille DeAngelis: The Dedicated Imperfectionist


Melanie Fishbane: Revision: Where The Story Is


Editor / Author Maggie Lehrman: Beware of Mindweasels!


Throwing Down the Bones with Bonnie Pipkin


Heather Demetrios: Everything You Need To Know About Revision



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