3 Things: Writing Exercises



The 3 Things Series is back! I finally have a little filming corner – yay!


You can find all the 3 Things videos on my IGTV channel.


These videos are all about craft and writing and process and story. Quick and easy, and there are often fun downloads too.


Here’s 3 Things: Writing Exercises To Get You Jazzed


Click below to check out the video:


Get the worksheet download here



The 3 Things We Get Into:


1. Story Jinni: An exercise for when you’re uninspired or itching to dream up a new story


2. What Does Your Character Take For Granted?: An exercise for when you’re feeling stuck

3: Your Inner Poet: An exercise for when you want to work on craft or get deeper into the emotional heart of your story



Watch the video and get the worksheet (links above!)!




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